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At LiveGood, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality, purest products on the planet.  And our CBD Oil represents that to the utmost level.  Derived from only the top 1% of hemp farms in the country, LiveGood CBD Oils ensure you will experience maximum benefit with each and every drop.

The ultimate carrier oil

While many CBD products use hemp seed oil as the carrier for CBD, more and more of the top CBD brands and products around the world are moving exclusively to a superior carrier; MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil. 

It was formerly believed that hemp seed oil was the perfect carrier oil for CBD considering it is found in the same plant, however over the past few years, it has been shown, in fact, that MCT oil has more saturated fat than hemp seed oil, allowing it to carry more CBD molecules, thus delivering more CBD to our body’s cells for faster absorption and maximum benefit, that you’ll notice from the very first drop!

From the purest, cleanest raw materials, to the most advanced harvesting and extraction processes on the planet, LiveGood CBD Oil is the highest quality CBD Oil anywhere!


Take 1 dropperful by mouth as needed.

Amount: It is best practice to determine your dose of CBD by starting low and going slow. We always recommend the lowest effective dose so start using the CBD dropper to measure the amount and increase as needed.

BEST taken every day.

Pro Tip: Let the oil sit undisturbed under the tongue or between your cheek and gum to increase absorption. Obviously do not fight the urge to swallow, just do what feels right.

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